Honeymoon Camping Ideas for New Couples

The traditional honeymoon is exotic. It involves overseas travel and brand new cultures. It is the first opportunity for a couple to have a big adventure as man and wife. So, it needs to be perfect. There are all kinds of different things that you can do to celebrate your honeymoon. You could take a fly-drive holiday. You could spend a week on the beach. You could revisit the place where you met.

Or, you could go camping. Yes, that’s right. More and more couples are choosing to spend their honeymoon at a campsite. The advantages are that it is cheap and very flexible. Couples with young children don’t have to be too far away from them. They can simply drive a few hours to a picturesque location. It is also a chance to do things differently. The beauty of nature and wildlife can provide the perfect star to married life.

This guide to some of the best honeymoon camping ideas will give you some inspiration for your big trip. For Details see: https://www.familycampingcenter.com/

Get Yourself a Big, Comfy Tent

Camping holidays are pretty cheap. They’re much more affordable than staying in a hotel. This is true even if you still travel overseas. So, you should have some spare cash to treat yourself to a really nice tent. Being comfortable is important on your honeymoon. You could look for the best family tent on the market. Then, you’ll be able to stretch out and luxuriate in all that space. There’s plenty of room for cozy cuddles and smooches too. Don’t forget that.

Choose a Beautiful Campsite

Pick up the best family tent that you can find first. Then, search for a gorgeous honeymoon camping spot. You might want to travel overseas to somewhere exotic and new. Or, you might stay at home and explore somewhere unfamiliar. Staying close to home is often easier for moms who have to leave young babies behind.
You might also struggle to get a lot of time off work. Opting for a camping honeymoon is one way to find a compromise. You do need a truly spectacular location, though. It should dazzle you every time that you wake up. Choose somewhere where the stars are bright in the evening. Pick a site close to woodland or rugged coastal paths. Go for a spot that makes you smile every day that you are there.

Don’t Forget Your Trusty Camera

You’ll need a reliable camera for documenting the honeymoon trip. Try to make it a good quality camera that it is also quite compact. Overly bulky cameras can be awkward to carry. This is especially true on hikes, treks, and climbing adventures. The best ones come with a strong strap that sits comfortably around the neck. You don’t have to hold the camera in your hand the whole time.
Look for a camera with an auto capture function. Otherwise, you won’t be able to take any pictures together. The honeymoon is something that you want to remember forever. Keepsakes and mementos are essential. So, think carefully about how you’re going to take your pictures. You can use your mobile phone. Check that it is waterproof first.

Treat Yourself to Some Indulgences

You’ll be saving money by choosing a tent over a hotel. Choose the best family tent to suit your needs and it will be as comfortable too. Use the extra cash to treat yourself to some luxury items. It might be a joint massage at a local spa. It could be a fancy dinner at a nearby restaurant. It might just be special presents for one another. Make your honeymoon memorable and fill it with treasured moments.

Why Honeymoon Camping Will Be Huge in 2017

Honeymoon camping is increasing in popularity all the time. It is set to be a huge trend in summer 2017. This could be because of the drop in wages and rising living costs. People don’t have the money to splurge on five-star resorts anymore. So, they’re taking things back to basics instead. It is a really beautiful idea. The power of nature is a wonderful thing and it can make for a very romantic experience.

Just take care not to fight over who can put the tent up faster. Share the chores around the campsite. Embrace the things that you need to do to thrive in the wild. This means collecting firewood, cooking on the gas stove, and planning treks. Appreciate the opportunity to be far away from everybody else. Honeymoon camping can make it feel like you’re the only two people in the world. And who doesn’t want to experience that with the person that they love the most?

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